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Low Cost Companies - Page 1

Low-cost companies, discount companies, budget companies… regardless of the exact name given to them, these new airline companies are a great success, offering unbeatable prices. Some airports think nothing of creating a specific zone especially for these low-cost companies.

Contrary to what certain people with stubborn mindsets or some of the media would have us believe, this new kind of airline company, the so-called low-cost company, observes the same criteria pertaining to maintenance and security as any traditional airline company.

Low-cost or not, the flight plan takes place in exactly the same way, and the conditions regarding flight delays or cancellations are common to all companies. Problems relating to the weather or other events are the same for all.

So what is the secret behind these discount airline companies? The quest for operational savings. Low-cost companies make savings in the services area; it is therefore obvious that a free, gourmet meal should not be expected, and even the smallest of snacks has to be paid for.

The rule behind the low-cost concept is the elimination of everything that is superfluous. Cabin space is occupied to its fullest. Reservations are done via the Internet, where the operating settings have been optimized so as to offer you the lowest prices.

Here at Levoyageur, we have gathered the main low-cost airline companies for you.

List of the main low-cost airlines - Page 1


Aigle Azur

Air Arabia

Air Arann

Air Asia

Air Baltic

Air Berlin

Air Blue

Air Deccan

Air Europa

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