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Welcome to Levoyageur, your travel guide Levoyageur helps you plan your next trip.

Do you wish to buy a plane ticket, or are you looking for the contact details of a particular airline company? Perhaps you prefer low-cost airlines?

Do you need a hotel for your next trip? Which cruise should you choose? Need to rent a car for your next tour ?

Levoyageur is a complete travel guide with lists and descriptions of all the websites that are useful to travelers; this includes information on planes, hotel reservations, online purchases, formalities and requirements, car rentals, health, weather and much, much more.

To help you plan your trip without having to waste your time scouring the web, Levoyageur has gathered the most essential websites that you will need. BON VOYAGE!!!

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Travel across the world by looking at our travel photos. Come and discover different countries as Levoyageur presents you its photo albums.

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