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Electrical plugs, sockets and outlets for this country : Chile

It's not easy to find your way through the multitude of electric plugs and sockets/outlets that are available.

Who hasn't found themselves helpless at least once in the absence of the right plug or outlet?

This summary table of the various electrical plug and socket/outlet types used in each country will help you find your way around.

You can check if your electrical appliances will operate properly at your next destination country.

Besides the problem of plugs and outlets, don't forget about the voltage.

To get around the plug-outlet problem, it's probably best to bring a multi-outlet adapter. You can get one at the airport at the last minute.

Countries listed in alphabetical order ...

Electric plug : Chile

You want to go in this country, Chile, and you do not know what power outlet is required.

Levoyageur try to guide you with electrical outlet models for Chile

Chile | Voltage : 220 | Fréquence : 50 |

Model of electric plug

Electrical plugs
Electrical plugs

Electrical plugs
Electrical plugs

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